The school is located in the hospital building. It's colorful, crazy, and just fabulous! Together with the hospital it constitutes a great health, education and fun factory. Around the school stretches a big park full of beautiful green scenery alongside with basketball and volleyball fields, and a playground. We spend a lot of time playing and having fun during beautiful sunny days, in winter we make snowmen and throw snowballs, and in spring we observe the awakening of nature, which is coming back to life. In summer there is even a small pool here, used chiefly by younger kids.Let us have a look inside now. It is also colorful and fabulous here! In the corridors and classrooms children's works are exposed, made together with teachers and tutors from different components and during various classes. These works decorate the walls and shelves in our school, which makes very pleasant and humorous impressions. When days are getting hot we walk to a nearby lake. However, we also plan longer trips, especially in spring and summer. We use a bus in such case and we visit such places as Gniezno, Biskupin and Kórnik. Now something about education. After all, it's a school! Lessons start right after dinner at 1.50 p.m. and usually last until 7.10 p.m. In the meantime there is a fifteen minutes' break for an afternoon snack. The classes conducted in such hours may seem tiring, but they past quickly and in a nice atmosphere.When there are no lessons, tutors take care of the students (patients). They help children do their homework, play movies and come up with all kinds of interesting activities. They are real friends who always do their best to help. The school has a lot of facilities and offers various pastimes to develop and entertain its students. There is a small cinema, a theatrical scene, the Internet and a computer room, a biology room with animals and plants, a library, table tennis, dart, a disco organized in the evenings- everything for the kids. If you want to learn more- come and see by yourself.

You are all welcome!


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